English-Korean animal medical dictionary. 2013.

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  • bacteriopsonin — An opsonin that may be an antibody acting upon bacteria rendering them susceptible to phagocytic cells. * * * bac·te·ri·op·so·nin (bak tēr″e opґso nin) an opsonizing antibody that interacts with bacteria to render them more susceptible …   Medical dictionary

  • bacteriotropin — A constituent of the blood, usually a specific antibody, i.e., opsonin, that combines with bacterial cells and renders them more susceptible to phagocytes. * * * bac·te·ri·ot·ro·pin (bak tēr″e otґro pin) bacteriopsonin …   Medical dictionary

  • bacterio-opsonin — bac·te·ri·o op·so·nin (bak tēr″e o opґsə nin) bacteriopsonin …   Medical dictionary

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